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What is FASTACheckout?

FASTACheckout is a payment solution for your customers that enables them to fund their online purchase at checkout using access to credit without leaving your (the retailer’s) website. FASTA pays you, or the service provider, and the consumer repays FASTA in up to three monthly instalments.

FASTACheckout also allows your customer to pay a deposit on their purchase and get the balance of the purchase on credit.

FASTACheckout Product Highlight

  • Your customers stay on your site during the entire application process.

  • Your customer will not use their credit elsewhere. The approved loan amount is for the current purchase on your site.

  • The simple self-service application process means that your customer can complete their application and know the outcome, in minutes.

  • The part-payment or deposit option encourages a bigger basket size.

  • There are no hidden costs: Transaction fees apply as they would for any credit card or EFT transaction.

  • Your customer gains access to instant credit of up to R8000.

  • FASTA pays you (the retailer) directly and the customer’s order is processed immediately.

  • Your customer repays FASTA in up to 3 monthly instalments.

How it works

Why you should choose FASTACheckout


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At checkout, your customer simply selects FASTA as their payment method.


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They complete the self-service online credit application process. They will receive feedback on the outcome in minutes.


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On approval, Fasta will instruct you to process the order for the customer, as we guarantee you payment.

Why you should choose FASTACheckout

Customer Conversion

  • FASTA’s technology ensures that your customers stay on your site during the entire application process.

  • Your customer will not use their credit elsewhere. The approved loan amount is for the current purchase on your site.

  • More payment options available to your customers reduces the risk of cart abandonment.

Access to more customers

  • FASTA’s cutting-edge risk profiling technology gains you access to consumers with a limited credit history, known as “thin filers”, expanding your potential customer market.

  • Our part-payment deposit option allows customers to pay a portion of their basket value in cash and the balance on credit, facilitating a potential increase in purchase value.

Excellent customer service

  • We don’t keep your customers waiting: our application process is fast with approval provided in minutes.

  • FASTA’s self-service application is straight-forward with few touch points and the process is entirely online.

  • Our payment solutions are secure and fully compliant, giving your customers peace of mind. 

FASTA Pays you

  • You are guaranteed payment by FASTA. 

  • Should your customer default, FASTA will undertake the necessary action as dictated by the NCA.



FASTA (Pty) Ltd (‘FASTA’) is an online consumer finance business that offers its customers a range of financial services products both directly as well as through partnerships with leading retailers and online merchants in South Africa.

Our purpose is to provide consumers with access to financial resource, simply and quickly. Anytime, anywhere.

We do this by delivering innovative payment solutions for consumers giving them access to immediate credit options for use both online and in-store. The online, self-service application process is accessed directly from our site or via our partner retailers’ site.

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